SPP 597M Makerspace Leadership and Outreach

Charlie Schweik (lead facilitator) – Dept of Environmental Conservation and School of Public Policy  (cschweik@pubpol.umass.edu). Charlie has expertise in the broad phenomenon called ‘Commons-based Peer Production’ that drives the open science/maker movement. He will act as the primary facilitator of the course, and overall week to week management of this ‘uncourse.’

 Office: 324 Holdsworth Hall

Email: cschweik@pubpol.umass.edu

Office hours: by appointment (and we will meet on Friday afternoons!)

Steve Acquah – Coordinator, Digital Media Lab, Associate professor of Chemistry (Adj.). Steve and his team at the DML provides the space for our class, and serves as technical assistance to the teams, especially in areas such as 3D design and printing.

Introduction: What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build. The ‘Maker Culture’ emphasizes learning though doing-it-yourself, or doing-it-together, in a social environment and utilizing open access licensed materials available on the Internet. Often, but not always, projects focus on open source technologies such as Arduino Microcontrollers, 3D design and printing and other such technologies. If you’ve ever attended the International Makerfaire in NY City you see all kinds of maker projects and gadgetry and how much fun and serious learning (!) can be accomplished through the open maker paradigm.

“Making” at university campuses worldwide has four great untapped “potentials” and students in this class, will be leading the way.

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