UMass Create Student Fellow – Florinda Cardoso

The UMass Create Student Fellows are a cohort of Digital Media Lab student staff. Throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, they will experiment with the UMass Create Web Domains pilot to work on their own web spaces and web projects related to the Digital Media Lab. As part of this process, the Student Fellows will regularly meet both with each other and UMass staff, reflect on their experiences using UMass Create and building a digital identity, and develop a personal web presence of their own that they can continue to grow after graduation. 

This initiative was inspired by the UMW Domain Fellows program.

Hello! My name is Florinda Cardoso and I am a junior here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I plan on majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in the College of Natural Sciences. With my degree I would like to help maintain wildlife populations and environments that are in danger of disappearing. Right now my heart has fallen to the wonderful birds that inhabit the wild and trees! I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with these creatures in the great outdoors during my lifetime. When I am not studying I like to travel. I love exploring neighboring conservation areas so I can retreat to the wild. I also love to travel across the globe. In June of 2017 I traveled to a few countries in Europe and it was not only paradise, but the best time of my life. When I am not traveling I am practicing my photography skills, knitting, painting, writing, and biking. I plan to make my domain into a blog of events relating to my field and relating to my journey and experiences through life.

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